Our Products - Hot Cocoa

Swiss Miss® Hot Chocolate

When you're craving a cup of Swiss MissĀ® hot cocoa. You can count on our original Classics to deliver the warm, creamy, chocolaty goodness your employees crave for an everyday treat anytime.

Swiss Miss® Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

Don't have marshmallows? Don't worry about it, because they are already packed in. Enjoy cup after cup of the Swiss Miss® hot chocolate you love with marshmallows.

Swiss Miss® No-Sugar Hot Chocolate

Take a walk on the lighter side, but don't worry, we leave in the good stuff! The mouthwatering aroma, rich chocolaty taste, and creamy texture will make you forget Swiss MissĀ® No-sugar is really guilt-free. Reward yourself with every silky-smooth sip.